About The Law Offices of Jeffrey Avny

The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Avny started over 25 years ago to help assist home buyers and homeowners purchasing or selling their homes. As time progressed, we found many people needed help keeping their homes and don't want to see anyone lose their safety net.

After seeing so many people being taken advantage of by unscrupulous people, we decided to do all we can to assist homeowners who have suffered from a financial hardship. We studied the loan modification process inside and out and memorized many of the underwriting guidelines from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and even on Government loans, like FHA & VA loans. 

Our results speak for themselves! With over 150 five star reviews on Google, an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and countless referrals from our grateful clients, we have emerged as a trusted leader in foreclosure arena here in Illinois.

About Our Award Winning Foreclosure Service

Our law office is an award winning foreclosure service with over 25 years of experience in real estate and foreclosure issues. We pride ourselves on serving those facing financial difficulties with their mortgages in Illinois. Our track record with helping those in foreclosure is nearly impeccable.

We know how stressful a financial setback can be and that’s why we work so hard for you. Fighting your lender by yourself can force you into making unsound decisions and that’s exactly why we are here, to protect our clients and make sure they are aware of their rights.

We Are Committed To Serving You

We are committed to providing our clients with superior service and expertise and pride ourselves in giving all of our client’s the personal attention they deserve.   As one of the few offices that guarantees our service, we firmly believe if we can’t help you get a loan modification, we don’t deserve to get paid.  Plain and simple.  You either get a modification or we don’t get paid.

For More Information About Us, Our Pricing or Service, Please Contact Our Office

If you are experiencing difficulty with your lender, don't be a victim to their intimidation, instead put the law on your side and call us by dialing (630)286-9276 today!

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