Loan Modification Guarantee

Insist on Working with Chicago Lawyer that Provides a Loan Modification Guarantee

The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Avny gives a loan modification guarantee because we believe in helping people, by actually helping people. Our office will give you a full refund if we are not successful in completing a modification for you. There are many people who will take your money regardless of their results, some may even charge you more.

We only believe we should get paid if we can help you save your home. Financial hardship happens to the best of us all and it is our goal to help you get back on your feet When you work with us, your modification fees will be held in a trust account until completion of the loan modification.

You can count on my office to fight tooth and nail to help you save your home as we have for so many other good people. If you are facing financial difficulty, call our office to schedule a free consultation. You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose, so take us up on our loan modification guarantee!

loan modification guarantee

If I can't modify your loan, I will refund your fees, Guaranteed!*

*Restrictions may apply. Contact our office for more information.

Loan Modification Guarantee

Helping clients obtain loan modifications over the last 12 years has taught us a thing or two about loan modifications. While we are very confident in our ability to help our clients save their homes from foreclosure, we offer a money back guarantee to help make it a no brainer decision. This loan modification guarantee puts all the risk on us because if we are going to work on a file for 6 months and are unable to obtain the modification for our client we end up losing money on those deals. Albeit, the overwhelming majority of the files we take on result in a successful loan modification but in rare circumstances we aren't able to get the file approved. This results in us giving a full refund to our clients, but we do it anyways.

Our motto is to help as many people as they can to save their homes from foreclosure allowing them a second chance. Everyone deserves a second chance and if we truly are not successful, we don't want to take your money and that is exactly why we offer our loan modification guarantee. This helps take the risk away from the consumer and quite frankly it also helps us generate more business. In the end everyone is happy and that is what matters most to us.


They knew exactly how to approach the lender!

Jason and his team were absolutely amazing to work with! I had struggled attempting to better the housing situation of a family friend with nothing but dead ends and being turned down. They knew exactly how to approach the lender and accomplish what I had such a hard time attempting on my own. I would recommend anyone I know to this firm!

JOHN DAY | Google Review

Efficient and everyone has been a pleasure to deal with...

I will tell you that working with Jeffrey law firm was one of the best decisions we every made. Brian and all his staff from day one have bent over backwards to help us.

DIANE A.  //  Google Review

Call them, they are always happy to help you!

I will tell you that working with Jeffrey law firm was one of the best decisions we every made. Brian and all his staff from day one have bent over backwards to help us.

BILL HEELAN | Google Review

Lowered our payment over $500 per month!

My wife and I had an wonderful experience working with the Jeffrey A. Avny law firm. More My wife and I had an wonderful experience working with the Jeffrey A. Avny law firm. In the end we saved over $500. Brian Saviano was our contact.

MORRIS GLENN  | Google Review

We would have lost our house if we didn't contact Avny Law Group!

Couple years ago me and my wife tried to do loan modification by ourselves, and we would have lost our house if we didn`t contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Avny. They stopped the foreclosure process,negotiated the loan and got us lower interest rate that we expected.Now our mortgage payment is 40% less that we used to pay. They are honest people and really fought for the best results. We really appreciate their help! 

PETER KAZAKOV | Google Review

Efficient and everyone has been a pleasure to deal with...

The Law offices of Jeffrey A. Avny are the Best Lawyers I ever met. Their quick action and responsiveness made me stunning and I really appreciate what they have done for me for the time sensitive nature of litigation, COST-effectiveness, and a fast assessment of the options. i am very grateful to Jason Tong (The Best Negotiator) particularly handled my case and made my Loan Modification DONE and would definitely use him again, or refer him to my family, friends and to others. Just to put a final note that they are not after our money instead a SERVICE-ORIENTED Law Firm in Chicago Land.


best foreclosure attorney

Here are Some Common Questions People Have About Loan Modifications

Why Is the Loan Modification Process So Difficult?

When someone falls behind on their mortgage and does not have the money to bring the loan current they may apply for a loan modification. A loan modification is where your current lender works with you to modify your existing loan to alter the terms to make the loan more affordable.

While anyone can apply for a loan modification, the loan modification process can be a very confusing and intimidating due to the large amount of government loan modification guidelines a lender must follow and the paperwork that is required to complete for a homeowner. Getting a loan modification is a way to help those who are behind on their mortgage, negotiate with their lender to keep their home.

Lenders are not required to extend a loan modification. It is optional and one must qualify for this by meeting the required guidelines. This is not always an easy process to negotiate because your lender must follow many rules and regulations that are required. If a lender does not adhere to these guidelines, they may face steep penalties for not conforming to federal loan modification guidelines.

This helps the banks prevent taking a loss, but can be a great help to someone facing foreclosure because they may be able to keep their home while reducing their payments by restructuring their debt. This also means the lender will accept less money then what was originally agreed and therefore they are not always willing to extend this to everyone.

Required Documents for Getting a Loan Modification

The process of getting a loan modification is not a simple one. You will have to complete many forms and send them to your lender or loan servicer. Each lender has different paperwork requirements, so when you are applying for the modification, make sure that you review these documents as they may vary from company to company. It is critical that you fill out all of the spaces on the form correctly; otherwise, there is a good chance that you will be denied your loan modification.

Some of the most common documents required to get a loan modification are as follows:

  • 2 Months Bank Statements
  • One Month Pay Stubs
  • Current Utility Bill
  • Homeowners Insurance Declarations Page
  • RMA Request for Mortgage Assistance
  • Hardship Letter
  • Monthly Expense Worksheet
  • Supporting Documentation
  • Other Lender Specific Required Forms

Reasons People Get Denied for a Loan Modification

There are many possible reasons people get denied for a loan modification. Some possible reasons for denial include:

  • insufficient income
  • not completing documents properly
  • excessive forbearance
  • missing documents
  • not making enough payments
  • having a previous loan modification

If you have been denied for a loan modification or simply do not want to deal with the aggravation of having to put up with harassment from your lender, call the Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Avny for a Free Consultation. We have almost a decade of experience in loan modification and foreclosure defense. Our firm has helped thousands of people we get their homes back and stop the bank from foreclosing on them.

We are currently representing clients throughout Chicago, Rockford, Schaumburg, Naperville, Aurora, Cicero, Elgin and all over Illinois.


Why We Offer a Guarantee on Our Loan Modification Service

Loan modifications work by lowering interest rates and extending loan terms so the note holder is able to afford payments on their mortgage. By lowering the interest rate and lengthening the term, this will help bring the monthly payments down allowing the borrower to make a lesser monthly payment each month and stop the foreclosure process.

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Avny, we have helped over 1,000 people obtain a loan modification and keep their homes. Are staff is not only well trained, but well experienced in following the procedures required to successfully get a loan modification. This makes a significant difference in the results that quite frankly not many have been able to do as good as we have.

Unfortunately, there are many loan modification scams out there and many people even trying to defraud homeowners. We have seen far too many people lose their homes and hard earned money because they either trusted someone from out of state or simply worked with someone who was inexperienced in the loan modification process. To prevent this from happening, we decided over ten years ago to take the risk away from consumers by offering a 100% money back guarantee to those we are unable to help.

What to Expect Working With Avny Law

The specialized field of foreclosure law is dedicated to helping homeowners save their home from foreclosure. There are many helpful steps that can be taken when trying to save a house and stop the foreclosure process. The first step in stopping the foreclosure sale date is to contact a lawyer who has been experienced in saving and preventing homes from going into foreclosure.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Avny saves houses from foreclosure and is experienced at stopping the foreclosure sale date. They can also help with loan modifications, which are very helpful in preventing the home from going into foreclosure.

If you are looking for a way to save your home from foreclosure, contact this firm and save your home.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Avny has successfully helped in saving homes from court ordered motions to sell just days before the auction. When working with Avny law, you may be able to save your home by stopping the foreclosure process, negotiating with the lending company, or filing bankruptcy. It is important to save the home from being lost and stop the foreclosure process and save your credit.

If you are looking for a way to save your house, call us right away. The sooner you get started on saving your home, the better chances you will have at stopping the foreclosure sale date and save your home.

Working with lawyer Jeffrey Avny to stop foreclosure can be a quick and easy process, depending on the loan. Our modification process can help you save lots of aggravation and prevent your property from being foreclosed upon. Our staff makes it a mission to return all calls in 24 hours or less.

If you don't have time to call your lender every day or complete the legal paperwork required, our office can assist. We have experience working with loss mitigation departments of multiple lenders. Additionally, we can negotiate directly with them to help you get a loan payment that fits your budget while the modification application is being processed.

The final modifications we are able to secure for our clients have helped them save money, establish a more manageable loan schedule and even helped to stop foreclosure on their property. If you are having a hard time getting your bank to cooperate with you, contact our office right away. Be sure to take us up on our loan modification guarantee.

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